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This is one of the best, if not THE best, video tutorials I've ever seen on YouTube. My friend, your pacing, your information, your tone, your knowledge - is fantastic! I really appreciate the work you've done on this and look forward to what other videos you have.
Larry Farr
This is a question I was struggling with. I have read many persons trying to explain that in the forums and on websites. It was clear as mud. Your post is extremely helpful because for the first time, I am making the real difference between Dynamik Website Builder and Beaver builder. I am using those tools and you have been a great part in the decision of using them.
Marcel Longchamps
Thanks Lyle, It´s actually the second time that you saved my life today. First one was in the generate press help forum. Happy coincidence.
Vasco Marques
Hey buddy! I realy enjoy your vids-tuts about the awesome and very lean theme GeneratePress and also with the new kid on the block Elementor drag&drop builder. Please go ahead and do a lot more of these - i'll enjoy to watch them anyway 🙂 Greetings from Denmark Tom
Tom Pedersen
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You want to build your own WordPress website that doesn’t look like all the others.

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