Requirements & Quick Start Guide

GOOD CHEAP FAST WEBSITES uses the All In One WP Migration plugin

This plugin is very easy to use and handles all of the necessary steps to migrate a website, including updating all the site's URLs and links.

Please watch their video on Exporting and Importing a WordPress website:

Visit their page on the WordPress Plugin Repository for more information:


As supplied, the Starter Websites are not meant for production. 

Primarily, there are no security features enabled. These include:

  • a security plugin such as WordFence which includes a limit login attempts feature
  • reCAPTCHA for login, comments and contact forms

In addition, the following should also be considered:

  • site speed optimization plugins such as Autoptimize and Async Javascript
  • caching such as Comet Cache
  • Google Analytics
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • SEO plugin such as Yoast SEO
  • image optimization such as WP Smush

There must already be an existing WordPress installation at the intended destination.
This can be either a new WordPress install or an existing WordPress website.

If you are using an existing WordPress website, the entire site will be replaced when installing a Starter Website.
MAKE A BACKUP FIRST then download and test the backup if  you want to keep it for later use.

If you want your Starter Website to be available on the internet, you will need to purchase hosting from a web hosting company and a domain name from either that same company or a domain name registrar.

The Starter Website installer requires access to the host's database server. With most hosts, this is not a problem, especially those who use the phpMyAdmin database manager.

Note that there are some hosts who do not provide for this. One example is An attempt to install a Starter Website from GOOD CHEAP FAST WEBSITES with the the Starter Website installer onto one of their accounts will end up generating an error and failing. If you do plan on using as a host, then simply install the Starter Website on a local web server and do a manual migration.

GOOD CHEAP FAST WEBSITES Starter Websites have been tested on the following local web servers:

  • XAMPP - Windows 10
  • WAMPServer - Windows 10
  • Uniform Server - Windows 10
  • MAMP - Mac iOS

Quick Start Guide

  • unZIP the downloaded GOOD CHEAP FAST WEBSITES Starter Website ZIP file
  • install and activate the All In One WP Migration plugin on the destination WordPress website
  • Dashboard > All-in-One WP Migrations > Import > IMPORT FROM > File > select the xxxx.wpress file from the unZIPPED download > Open
  • the Import will begin
  • accept the prompt to Continue
  • when the Import is complete, Close and log out
  • log back in with the User Name and Password provided in your purchase receipt
  • Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks > click Save Changes twice
  • create a new Administrator User with strong user name and password
  • log out and log back in with this new user
  • DELETE the user supplied with the install
  • start editing to suit your needs or just have a look around to see how it is all put together!
  • Enjoy!