Disclaimer / FAQ / Requirements

Please read thoroughly and understand the following before making your purchase.


The Good Cheap Fast Websites Solid Start Website

  • Is intended for use on a new WordPress installation - see the FAQ regarding an existing website
  • Is sold as-is with no guarantee, neither expressed nor implied
  • Has been tested on live and local hosting and functions as intended - your hosting environment may differ
  • Is safe to use - the theme and plugins supplied are the ones I personally use and recommend


The GCFW Solid Start Website is intended for use on a new WordPress installation.

If you decide to install it on an existing WordPress website, all of your existing content, that is, pages and posts, etc., will be replaced. Existing plugins and themes will remain, but the active theme will be set to the one supplied.

It is therefore imperative that you create a backup of your site before installing this product. The easiest way is to use the All-in-One WP Migration plugin to create either an Export or Backup.

The product available for purchase will have the latest version of WordPress, the theme and plugins. It will be updated as soon as practical when newer versions become available. 

Once purchased and installed, it is then up to you, the website owner, to maintain the theme and plugins.

Support for the product is limited to it’s installation only and is obtained by submitting a request using the Contact form.

Expect a reply within 24 hours under most circumstances. Could be a while longer on weekends and holidays.

Support for the theme and plugins may be obtained by their respective support forums on the WordPress.org Theme and Plugin Repositories. Links to these are also provided on their entries on The Website page.

You may also consider joining their respective Facebook Group.

Due to the nature of how the product is sold and used, a refund is not possible. However, if you experience difficulty with installing the product, please use the Contact form to ask for assistance.


  • You possess the ability to be able to install and activate a WordPress plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repository
  • You possess the ability to be able to find, select and open a file from wherever your downloads are kept on your computer
  • A new or existing WordPress website that meets the following requirements:
  • WordPress recommended requirements
  • Elementor recommended requirements
  • Please contact your host if you are not sure if these requirements are being met on your hosting account

GCFW Solid Start Website