Free tutorials

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How to install and use these free plugins to add CSS, PHP, and Elementor Shortcodes.

Also these "Must Have" free and handy plugins.


Simple CSS logo

The Simple CSS plugin is a handy and update-safe way to add custom CSS to your WordPress website.

  • Code editor in WordPress admin with syntax highlighting
  • Page and post specific custom CSS


Code Snippets logo

The Code Snippets plugin is a handy and update-safe way to add custom PHP to your WordPress website.

  • Will not activate code that contains errors
  • Eliminates need to modify child theme files

Elementor Shortcodes

AnyWhere Elementor logo

AnyWhere Elementor is used to place Elementor created content anywhere that a shortcode can be added.

  • Eliminates the need for Elementor Pro for this function
  • Both shortcode and PHP are automatically generated

The Central Color Palette plugin lets you set up a predefined palette of colors once that can then be used from anywhere.

  • Your theme's Customizer
  • Any Elementor Color picker
  • The Elementor Text widget

Granular Controls

Granular Controls for Elementor logo

Granular Controls for  Elementor is one of my must-install plugins.

  • One-click exit from the Elementor editor
  • Elementor widget panel expander
  • All closed on page load for Accordion widget
  • Parallax effect for Elementor Section background images

Duplicate Post

Duplicate Post logo

The Duplicate Post plugin is a real time saver. Quickly creates copies of pages, posts or whatever else is enabled.

  • Select Create New Draft
  • Edit the title, Publish, and you have a copy of what you duplicated.
  • Start editing the rest of the content

Catch IDs

Catch IDs logo

The Catch IDs plugin does one thing and one thing only: displays the page, post or whatever other custom post type ID in their respective listing.

  • Handy for shortcodes
  • Handy for WP Show Posts